Our Facilities


Known as “the salad bowl of the world,” central California's Salinas Valley is home to The Nunes Company's headquarters, extensive growing fields and a 50,000-square-foot cooling facility.


With its mild climate and quality soils, the fertile Oxnard Plain produces a wide variety of crops. Oxnard is best known as the “strawberry capital” of California.


With a wealth of agriculture grown in its rich soils, California's San Joaquin Valley has been called the “food basket of the world.” The Nunes Company's newest cooling facility (50,000-square-feet) is located in Cantua Creek, not far from its namesake in the Sierra Nevada.


High year-round temperatures and desert climate have earned Yuma, Arizona, the “sunniest place on earth” moniker. The area is home to numerous crops and The Nunes Company's 50,000-square-foot cooling facility.