Our Management

The family-owned Nunes Company farms and represents farmers to provide a wide variety of fresh produce items on 18,000 crop acres in California, Arizona and Nevada.  •  Second-generation brothers Bob and Tom Nunes founded The Nunes Company, Inc. in 1976, and have worked to develop the Foxy brand and to expand distribution of quality produce throughout the United States and to the rest of the world. Today, the third and fourth generations of family members handle day-to-day operations.  •  Bob's son, Bob Nunes Jr., oversees all cooling and harvesting operations. Tom's eldest son, Tom Nunes Jr., oversees sales and marketing; and Tom's two younger sons, David Nunes and Jim Nunes, work in the company's growing operations. David oversees all growing operations, with Jim concentrating on growing operations in Salinas Valley and Huron. Tom M. Nunes, who represents the fourth generation of family and is the son of Tom Jr., oversees all day-to-day harvesting operations.  •  The Nunes family and other company staff members are committed to providing produce of exceptional quality that reflects the rich land from which it is grown and the care with which it is tended.