Green Onions

Green Onions
Royal pedigree

Onions may be among the oldest vegetables, likely grown in China 5000 years ago. The Egyptians in 3500 B.C. used onions as payment for workers who built the pyramids and decorated royal tombs with their likeness. The green onions and scallions of today share the same genus and often are called by either name. Green onions are fat-, saturated fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free; low in calories; high in antioxidant vitamin C that helps to prevent cancer; and contain other nutrients to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Nutrition Facts
Healthy & Delicious

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Thai-Style Chicken Roll-ups50 min prep

Handling Tips

Select crisp green stalks with slightly bulb-like, medium-sized white ends that extend 2 to 3 inches; avoid discolored or wilted tops. Store in plastic bag and refrigerate in crisper for up to a week away from other foods that might absorb odor. Before use, wash and dry with paper towel; remove discolored leaves and trim roots. Use both green and white portions in recipes. The mild flavor of green onions, raw or cooked, complements a wide range of dishes including Asian and Mexican recipes.