Crisp and spicy

The radish, a popular root vegetable since it was grown in ancient China, Egypt and Greece, adds spice and nutrition to today's menus. The red bulbs and leaves are high in vitamin C, a cancer-fighting antioxidant, and contain potassium, folate and other vitamins and minerals. Radishes are fat-, saturated fat- and cholesterol-free, and low calories and sodium. One serving, 10 radishes, contains 25% daily recommendation of vitamin C and only 16 calories.

Nutrition Facts
Healthy & Delicious

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Spring Saute30 min prep

Handling Tips
Use leaves and bulbs

Choose smooth, firm, bright red, medium-sized (about 1-inch diameter) radishes with crisp green leaves. Avoid large bulbs and those with surface cracks or cuts, yellow tops or a spongy feel. For future use, remove leaves, wash and then store separately from bulbs in plastic bags in refrigerator crisper for up to a week. To use radish bulbs, wash thoroughly; avoid peeling as the skin contains antioxidants and spicy flavor. Cook bulbs in steamed, stir fried or sauteed recipes; use raw for appetizers and salads. Use trimmed radish leaves raw in salad or cook with other greens.