Snow Peas

Snow Peas
Peas in a pod

Snow peas — tiny peas nestled snugly in flat, translucent pods — were developed in 1500s Holland, well after cultivation of traditional peas in ancient Persia. Also known as Chinese peas because of their popularity in Asian cooking, these edible pods pack powerful nutrients. One cup of raw snow peas contains 98% of daily vitamin C recommendations, providing infection- and cancer-fighting antioxidants. A good source of Vitamin A (healthy eyes and skin) and folate (helps prevent birth defects), snow peas are very low in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Nutrition Facts
Healthy & Delicious

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Oven-baked Salmon with Snow Peas40 min prep

Handling Tips
Tender, sweet and crunchy

Select small, flat, bright green pods, 3” to 3 1/2” long and 3/4” wide; avoid soft, wrinkled or yellowed pods. Use right away or refrigerate in a perforated bag up to 5 days. Wash, snap off the stem end and remove the string. Eat both the pod and peas raw (snack, salad, relish tray) or cook quickly (steam or stir-fry) to keep crisp and increase sweetness.