Sweet Baby Broccoli

Sweet Baby Broccoli
Best of Both Worlds

Sweet Baby Broccoli is similar in appearance to broccoli, but with smaller florets, and longer, smaller stalks. Sweet Baby Broccoli is a hybrid between broccoli and a Chinese Kale called kai-lan. This vegetable is also rich in many nutrients and high in vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A.

Nutrition Facts
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Healthy & Delicious

Sweet Baby Broccoli is very versatile and easy to use in many dishes. Sweet Baby Broccoli can be cooked the same as you would regular Broccoli, or even grilled — just be careful not to overcook, as it is a much more delicate vegetable. The entire Sweet Baby Broccoli plant is edible, including the stem which is

Garlicky Sweet Baby Broccoli15 min prep
Sweet Baby Broccoli with Pancetta25 min prep

Handling Tips
Delicate & Versatile

When buying Foxy Sweet Baby Broccoli you should look for bunches with crisp stalks, tightly closed buds, and a nice bright green color. It should be refrigerated, unwashed, in a perforated plastic container, and stored in the crisper drawer. If handled correctly, Sweet Baby Broccoli can last up to ten days in the fridge. When cooking this vegetable, less is more. After steaming, make sure to rinse in cold water afterwards to stop the Sweet Baby Broccoli from cooking any longer. If you are adding it to dishes like sautés, toss it in at the end to prevent a loss of texture and flavor.