The Nunes Family:
Four Generations of Commitment

Tom Nunes Sr. began farming California's Salinas Valley in the early 1930s. Today, the next three generations of family continue his legacy of pioneering spirit, innovation and commitment to provide top-quality produce for consumers worldwide.

Second-generation brothers Bob and Tom Nunes founded The Nunes Company, Inc. in 1976, and have worked to develop the Foxy brand and to expand distribution of quality produce throughout the United States and to other countries.

Today, the third and fourth generations of Nunes family members participate in all areas of daily operations — growing, harvesting, cooling, sales and marketing — for numerous products on more than 18,000 crop acres.

Our hands-on care and commitment ensures that Foxy-brand produce retains the same healthy, fresh goodness on its way to your family's table as it does going to ours.